Client: Texas Tourist Board

Exhibition: World Travel Market, ITB & IMEX

Industry: Travel

Stand Type: Custom Build

The Brief: To produce a stand that reflected Texas & it’s states without using clichés. The design had to incorporate 8 states with each state having their own seated area, where they were able to do presentations and attract visitors who were passing by. Each of the states had to have at least one large graphic and their own area to store literature. A reception point to greet visitors on to the stand, storeroom and semi-private meeting area to seat 8 people.

The Outcome: A very well received stand, even with the tight space every requirement was met on the brief which help produce a stunning stand that was bright & contemporary, allowing all of the states to have equal prominence under the Texas umbrella. The design was used at ITB and we redesigned the stand to fit a smaller space at IMEX .

Category: Travel